April 9 2019 Red Sox vs Blue Jays

Wow, we can imagine these bets our team has selected for this game won't be "public bets", but we know many pro bettors, especially in Las Vegas are on Blue Jays in this game, the run line +1.5 at over odds of 2.00 seems to be too have value in quite a few pros' opinion..!


Have we gone a  little "wild / crazy" here going against Red Sox.. Well this is the season opener for Red Sox after spending the first 2 weeks in the West Coast. This makes us doubt if they really can concentrate properly on this match.. Will the motivation and mental state by as good as it should be as this is still, after all a very competitive league where even the worst teams always  have a genuine chance.! We would not be surprised if there were a bit too many distractions  for the hosts today.. Let's keep in mind the team is receiving the World Series rings before the game.. Add the crazy opening day festivities to this and it really does start to look like value is on Blue Jays, or for sure it at least isn't on the hosts!

Yes we are fully aware of the fact that Sale is a true beast or a "machine", no question at all about that, but that doesn't change the fact that he has started the season a bit slow indeed. How knows why but this is the current situation. How about Shoemaker then? We think he is one of the most under-rated pitchers in the league mostly due to his annoying health problems. He's is not often healthy, not to mention 100% fit but this doesn't change the fact that his top level is surprisingly good! Blue Jays in general, even in a "normal" game, are not as bad ( really heavy underdogs in baseball terms) as bookies think and them winning would not be a shock especially not tonight. Expect odds on Blue Jays drop as smart money starts coming in, so place your bet fast.

Bet on Blue Jays +1.5 runs 2.05 (US odds +105) with bookie an US-friendly, solid 5dimes.com, estimation 53%, free pick stake $100

and Blue Jays to win 3.17 (US odds +217) with a winners welcome kind of bookie, rock-solid->Pinnacle.com, estimation 35%, free picks stake $80

POST GAME COMMENT: The value on Blue Jays was even bigger than we estimated. Sale was far from his best. We were wrong about odds on Blue Jays dropping after we posted the picks as the actually went up! So much stupid money on the market or maybe the bookies were just lost once again. Well, that's great for us value bettors!