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This means all odds are taken from Blogabet's very limited list of bookies real time (powered by Betbrain) so a follower or customer (in case of a paid service) can trust the odds were real at the time of posting!



Not 100% means a tipster has input the odds manually. In this case a follower just needs to trust the tipster. We will continue to be 100% verified also in the future despite the fact that having more bookies available would significantly increase (statistics/ profits) shown on Blogabet.com. 

One of our promising analysts post her picks on very well-known Canadian website Pickmonitor.com, with Pinnacle odds. Tennis is this analyst's best sport - over 800 verified picks, yield 10%

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4 winnings steps:

1. Create a strategy and set up a bankroll

2. Learn how to find value or buy analysis

3. Execute your strategy with extreme discipline

4. Remain calm during winning and losing streaks

We have decided to keep the website reasonably simple, fast-loading and easy to use also on mobile devices. We want to be concentrating on what matters the most - valuable analysis and picks we offer to our readers.

The single best bookie for a high stake serious sports bettor is Pinnacle with super low margin and amazing odds. They don't restrict even pro bettors but instead  take advantage of the info they can get from successful bettors' bets! However, if you are a recreational bettor, just want to maximize value or especially want to find odds on special markets, smaller sports or lower leagues Nordicbet, Betsafe, Betsson and Unibet are great options.

Bet365 are the best bookies for live betting and offer the best free  live streaming for its customers. However, over time, if you are successful and bet with very highs takes these companies may apply some restrictions on some of your wagers. You should have more betting accounts to make the most of it.

There are three seats for the premium service available at the moment. To subscribe please email us at contact@valuebetting.info or leave your email on the chat

The biggest number of pick free picks is at the moment found on Blogabet.com https://solidvalue2019.blogabet.com/ 

Many picks free are also found on Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/Purevalue2002/ with the recommended stake. A lot of free picks on Twitter https://twitter.com/Valuebetting_02 too.

This is the case especially when the best odds can't by found and verified on the Blogabet platform.

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