Ukraine TT Cup Table Tennis August 2

B. Omelchuck vs V. Volokhov  16:00 GMT


Bet on Volokhov to win, odds 2.37 with bet365, 2.35 Unibet, 888sport, Leovegas,


Estimation 50%



A. Nesterenko vs Sehii Panchenko 17:20 GMT


Bet on Panchenko to win, odds 2.10 with bet365, Unibet, Leovegas, 888sport

Estimation 56%

July 10 Russia Liga Pro Table Tennis



Timofey Yusipov vs Andrey Pravdnov 21:00 GMT


BET ON Yusipov to win, odds 2.00 with William Hill


Estimation 62% !!!


Dmitry Merzlikin vs Alexander Frolov 21:00 GMT


BET ON Merzlikin to win, odds of 1.85  widely available 


Estimation 64% 




Igor Smirnov vs Andrey Pravdnov 22:00 GMT



BET ON Smirnov to win, odds 2.65 with Dafabet, 2.62 widely available


Estimation 47%



Timofey Yusipov vs Dmitry Petrochenko 22:30 GMT



BET ON: Yusipov to win, odds 2.30 with  WWW.CAMPOBET.COM (tasty bonuses and free bets for new and existing customers)  and William Hill


Estimation 54%

June 23 Russia Liga Pro Table Tennis 

Artem Arutiunyan vs Georgiy Vahnin 04:00 GMT



BET ON Vahnin to win, odds 1.60 Ladbrokes, Coral 


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Jun 24  05:15 GMT Table Tennis Setka Cup, Ukraine

Sergey Minchenko vs Eduard Populovsky



BET ON Sergey Minchenko to win, odds 1.67 www.Nightrush.com (a 100 euros welcome bonus)

1.67 also with: Spinsports, 777be and 10bet

Danila Andreev vs Artem Arutiunyan 05:30 GMT



BET ON Andreev -1.5 sets, odds 1.91 Betvictor, 1.90 bet365 (shown as "match lines") 


Odds 1.88 with Marathonbet (a reliable bookie with amazing odds and super fast payouts but low limits on winners)



Estimated chance of winning is 60%


Jun 21  09:30 GMT Timofey Yusipov vs Evgeniy Ilyukhin


Russia Liga Pro Table Tennis


BET ON Yusipov to win, 1.86 www.Campobet.com (nice bonuses and FREE bets)


1.85 www.Pinnacle.com (best odds on average, no low betting limits set even for the best pro bettor on the planet)


Chance of winning is 62%




Jun 16 12:00 GMT  Moscow Liga Pro table tennis

Oleg Suharkov vs Georgiy Vahnin Result: 2-3 - WON!



Bet on Vahnin to win, odds 1.74 with Coolbet, 1.72 Pinnacle

Chance of winning: 65%



Jun 11 Valery Ukraine Setka Cup Table Tennis


Vlasenko vs  Rodion Kapinus RESULT 2-3 WON



BET ON Kapinus to win, odds 3.27 Sbobet,  probability estimation (chance of winning) is 39%


William Hill, bet365 and some other bookies have 3.00




Jun 11  Czech Pro League



Milan Klement vs Yozef Obeshlo

BET ON Obesholo to win, odds 1.78 with

www.DriftSportsbook.com (a FREE 50 welcome bet offered)


A lot lower with most bookies.


Chance of winning is 72%



Jun 11  Liga Pro Table Tennis, Russia

Arutiunyan vs Serguei Khomutov

BET ON Khomutov to win, odds 1.90 - Columbus Sportbook.com (click for a nice  nice 50 euro FREE bet available in many countries). They are totally lost with their odds here. Most bookies have around 1.4-1.5.


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Chance of winning is 69%! Be fast!





May 26 13:30 GMT Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis

Petrov vs Hudaiberdiev


Bet on Hudaiberdiev to win, odds 1.73 with william hill, bet365 sbobet, 188bet have 1.71. Probability estimation is 68%

May 22 22:30 GMT Ukraine Win Cup, Table Tennis

Eduard Rubtsov vs Kostiantyn Moroz  Result:  WON 0-3 

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Bet on Moroz to win, odds  (insanely high) 2.51 with  Sbobet, estimation 54%, most bookies with lower odds but still nice value!


May 20 14:30 GMT Russia Liga Pro Table Tennis, 2 picks

Ilya Novikov - Vladimir Zhulyabin 



Bet on OVER 73.5 odds 1.82 with Zulabet/Campobet a little less with bet365, check your local bookies too! estimation is 65%  (chance of winning)


Vadim Krokhin - Alexander Frolov 14:30 GMT


BET on OVER 73.5 odds 1,81 with Zulabet/Campobet, estimation is 63%, check your local bookies too


 with bet365 the line is 75.5, try to find a better line!

May 14 14:00 GMT Belarus Futsal

Dynamo BNTU vs Borisov 900


BET ON under 7.5 goals, odds 2.10 with bet365, probability estimation 56% ( estimated chance of winning)

Odds likely to drop soon!





May 11 Russia Liga Pro 21:00 GMT


Yaroslav Troyanov vs Vladimir Safonov

BET ON Yaroslav Troyanov to Win odds 1.65 with ->Lsbet.com that offers a tasty 120 eur0s welcome bonus with good terms

Estimation (chance of winning) is 70%

May 11 Russia Liga Pro 17:30 GMT

Dmitrii Basmanov vs Andrey Babkin


BET ON Dmitrii Basmanov To Win (Match Lines) odds 1.83 with bet365, estimation (chance of winning) is 64%. Clearly lower with most major bookies



May 8 Table tennis Setka Cup Ukraine 8:45 GMT

Yevhen Muliukin - Dmytro Prokopenko

Bet on Dmytro Prokopenko Handicap +1.5 (Match Lines)

odds 1.83 with bet365, estimation 65%

Betfair Sportsbook and Paddy Power offer 2.88 on Prokopenko to win - more risky but even bigger value.


May 5 Darts; Icons of Darts Live League:


Odds on both of these likely to drop soon

Wessel Nijman - Jason Askew

Bet on Askew to win, odds 2.18 with Sbobet, 2.17 with 188bet, estimation (chance of winning) is 55%

Jason Askew - Andy Jenkins

Bet on Jenkins -1.5 handicap, odds 2.26 with Sbobet, 2.24 www.spinsports.com ( click here to get tasty 200 euros FREE welcome bet, no need to rollover the WINNINGS), estimation is 54%

Table tennis April 29 Setka Cup  Evgeniy Mulyukin vs Anar Aliiev

BET ON Mulyukin to win, odds 2.11 with  www.Pinnacle.com They don't limit even the best pro bettors on the planet!


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March 13 2018 Handball: RK Nasice Nexe - HC Meshkov Brest

Bet on Nexe -5.5 goals 1.65, estimation 69% with Sportingbet