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March 30 ATP Miami

Ruusuvuori vs Sinner


Both youngster are very talented indeed. Sinner seems to have a bit more raw talent and should reach top5 by 2023 whereas Ruusuvuori we expect to become a solid top20 player in the future. Today the difference between both is very minimal, they are also similar especially in their mindset with that mature attitude on court. Ruusuvuori won the first pair's meeting last year and I'm looking for a balanced match, so yes I think the value is on Emil and this +1.5 sets looks solid stuff. We have been watching the Finn in all his matches in Miami, just good and consistent, he always played 3-setters in matchups that were anything but easy and held up well even to hot conditions. Beating Zverev should give Emil a huge boost.


Sinner seems struggle in physical matches and we think Emil is in better shape of the two. Jannik was bending after long rallies in his previous match and having a questionable body language throughout the encounter, but he still keep fighting and winning tough battles most of the time as happened against Khachanov in R3. Too solid from Ruusuvuori for Jannik to win in 2 sets.. We expect a tough battle where Sinner is of course the fave but value is in the Finn

BET ON: Ruusuvuori +1.5 sets, odds around 1.80 or +3.5 games around 2.00 can be found with many bookies online.


February 24  ATP Cordoba

Barrios vs  Kovalik

In tennis betting it is often better to go with the favorite, espcially in Grand Slams but today there is without a doubt value in the slight underdog. Let's take a quick look why..


Kovalik is of course the better-known player here and is clearly better ranked too but seems to be far from his best shape at the moment! He was in pretty big trouble versus Galan in the first round and had Galan played even a little better Kovalik would have lost. A disappointing performance from both players in that match. Barrios was  better than expected in qualies  in qualifying firing many aces and holding most of his service games with ease.


Playing in (South American) clay is something Barrios likes - even slower courts than  courts in Cordoba would be his favorite surfacethough..  Tomas possesses nice, deep strokes, better than his pretty low ranking suggests and as mentioned is capable of serving well.  Of course he will have to be able to maintaining the level he showed in qualies. If he does, this match is a coin toss ( 50%-50%)  However Barrios of course does lack experience on ATP level and no player ranked outside top200 is that solid so we take the game handicap option here. A juicy situation in terms of value betting - an out of shape fave versus an under-rated low-ranked guy. Brave bettors can take Barrios to win at 2.57 with Matchbook or 2.55 with Betvictor.com (with a 100 euros welcome bonus). Estimation is 46%.

BET ON Barrios +3.5 games, odds 1.77 with Piwi88.com (300e welcome bonus available, ask for it on the chat) They offer the same odds as Pinnacle

Probability estimation: 62%

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February 14 WTA Melbourne Errani vs Zhu

It was a great match between Hsieh and Errani yesterday. It was a very tactical match that could have  certainly gone either way. Some might even say Errani would have deserved a win as she wasted numerous many chances as she has often done in big events. However the end of the match Errani just seemed to run out of energy. Not a good thing going to this match where she faces Hsieh who is a true fighter and in better shape physically.


Hsieh was beaten by Bertens but fought well and forced a tie-break in the opening set as a heavy underdog but lost the second set 1-6.. Errani didn't seem to be to upset about the loss to Hsieh but I doubt she will be able to be 100% ready mentally either. Zhu is the higher ranked player and taking Errani's likely fatigue into account the bookies in our opinion have the wrong favorite here. Zhu doesn't have an edge in serving really but she will probably control the (longer) rallies and moving and tiring the Italian to grab a win at the end - 3 sets would not be a surprise at all.

BET ON Zhu to win, odds 2.10 with Pinnacle

Probability estimation: 54%

February 9 Australian Open  Pella vs Coric


Expecting a lot more close (baseline) battle than the bookies here. Coric priced below 1.20 is an insult to a decent player and a true fighter G. Pella. Yes, he is still lacking matches and some positive results recently but he is a guy who normally raises his level of play in Slams. Coric is the more talented player, no denying that, of the two is but seeing him crush Pella would be a surprise for our tennis team. Courts are faster than in previous years but Pella can handle that, unlike many bookies seem to think.

Guido participated to the ATP Cup to start the season where he was heavily beaten by Rublev but the Russian is an elite player, top10. Guido did defeat semi-talented Nishioka as a clear underdog in 2 sets (posted as max stakes play on https://solidvalue2019.blogabet.com/ on him at 2.79 as you can see on the stats). The Argentinian played pretty aggressive tennis, more aggressive then we have seen him play usually, but didn't make too many unforced errors. A good sign for sure. The Argentinian was good at long rallies versus Nishioka, finding a good rhythm. Something he will need here to push sometimes erratic Coric.. Indeed, Coric rarely plays solid tennis throughout a best of 5 sets match often dropping sets even against pretty lowish players. Guido will make the most of Borna's bad moments and should steal a set here here at least! Odds on Pella going down now as sharp money is piling up on him. Even Pella winning would not shock us here!



BET ON: Pella to win a set, odds 2.00 bet365


Probability estimation 59%


Other value bets: Pella to win over 12.5 games, odds 1.83 bet365, 62% and/ or Pella +7.5 games odds 1.83 bet365, estimation 62%

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February 9 Australian Open  Evans vs Norrie


Evans is playing the best best tennis in his career at the moment and is currently ranked 33 in the World. We think he can even reach top25 this season! He is clearly under-rated by the bookies on Tuesday's clash  against Norrie against Norrie. We think this is mainly due to fact that bookies put too much emphasis on his (possible) fatigue. We pretty much disagree on that, he will have at least some 40 hours to recover from his most recent match  and he is a very fit player too. Also let's remember he didn't spend too much time on court. Evens is a better server than Norrie and and doesn't have any clear weaknesses.

Norrie is of course a decent and a pretty reliable player but possesses no real weapons at all. He is a guy who mostly beats lower ranked players but very rarely is capable of upsetting players higher ranked than him - especially in best of five matches - Grand Slams. Norrie is worse than Evans in every aspect of the game so we put our money on Evans and we are positive his odds will go down even more before the match starts early Tuesday morning GMT.

BET ON: Evans -3.5 games, odds 1.80 with Unibet

Probability estimation: 63%



Jan 8  Australian Open Ferreira Silva vs Kyrgios

Wow, Kyrgios is really very far from his best level of tennis at the moment which is a big pity indeed. We all know how talented a guy he is but has never been 100% focused on tennis and often loses his temper on court on a bad day. Had he faced even a little better opponent before this tournament he would have lost for sure. Kyrgios is hampered by a left knee issue at the moment. His knee looked unstable and was likely hurting quite a lot  when serving and he wasn't feeling comfortable at all in lateral movements. Nick was actually interviewed  about playing a best of 5 set matches this week and he wan not too positive on his chances.


Kyrgios will for sure be motivated to play in his native Australia in front of his fans but the value here is definitely on Ferreira-Silva. Brave bettors can bet on him winning at the odds of 6.75 with Unibet but we will go for the game handicap option. We have to admit Silva is nothing special as a player and this is his in fact first Grand Slam. The bet is more against Kyrgios than for Silva. However the left-handed Portuguese player has a decent serve and always fights hard and let's hope he can run many balls here can push Kyrgios or even win if Nick really has a bad day..

BET ON: Ferreira-Silva +6.5 games, odds around 2.00 with many online bookies

Probability estimation: 58%

September 24  - 2 picks

Cuevas vs Tsitsipas

Cuevas came through the qualifying here and has been serving very well! We believe he will continue like that.. He looks fit and confident. Pablo is in fact a top35 clay courter in the World! Stefanos did beat awful Evans in under an hour in the first round but tanking is for sure a possibility here..


The Greek gun beat Cuevas on clay last year in an almost 50/50  Estoril final, but really isn't in the best form at the moment. A tight match on the cards here and with the French Open almost around the corner we think the Greek is pretty over-rated here by the betting market!  A big overlay on Cuevas. Odds around 5.40 with betting exchanges on Pablo to win for the brave bettors have great value but we go with a handicap here!


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BET ON Cuevas +4.5 games, odds 2.00 with Boylesports, estimation 61%

Dusan Lajovic vs Karen Khachanov 

Lajovic loves to play on clay! He has a perfect kick serve for this surface.  Dusan, perhaps a bit surprisingly, has a convincing 3-0 H2H lead over Karen. Two of the matches were played on clay and won by Dusan easily in 2 sets! Our tennis analysts are pretty sure everything is not okay with Karen at the moment.. He was in fact pretty lucky to beat Struff in the previous round. Karen has been pretty passive, slow and  less effective with his serve lately than  last season. He would definitely need his best serve against a solid opponent like Lajovic.


To sum up - Lajovic has already shown that he is the better tennis player of these two guys on clay. The difference looks even bigger for tomorrow's clash taking Karen's current level of play and possible health-related problems into account. 



BET ON Lajovic to win, odds 2.11 with PINNNACLE.COM

(Pinnacle is the bookie with the highest odds on average)

2.10 available with Bethard and Nightrush


Odds should go down soon!

Jun 21 Thiem vs Tsitsipas

UTS (France, hard)



BET ON Thiem to win odds 2.45 with 10bet

www.Pinnacle.com  have 2.40. They offer the best odds online on average and don't limit even the biggest winners.

Estimation: 48%

Jun 16 Eastern Euroopean Championship Result 1-2 WON

Alexander Shevchenko vs Hamad Medjedovic

Pick posted Jun 15 20:51 GMT 

Bookies have the wrong favorite here for sure!




BET ON  Medjedovic to win, odds 2.35 with 10bet



Estimation (chance of winning) is 54%

Odds 2.28 with Sbobet.com ( 200 euros welcome bonus, please click on the banner) 


Odds 2.25 www.Spinsports.com ( 200e FREE BET for new customers)


May 13 Moscow Liga Pro 


Dmitry Ermalinsky vs Nikita Sokolovskiy

BET ON Ermalinsky to win odds 1.53 with many bookies, estimation is 69%

May 13  Moscow Liga Pro A. Sheiko vs D. Zhudro

Odds vary a lot  here even with major bookies. Our estimation on Zhudro to win is 38%  so 3.15 with -> Spinsports.com ( click here welcome  a tasty 200 euros free bet, that you can activate with a 10 euros initial bet) is great value!

These odds can't last long


May 12 Russia League Pro

Sergey Zatolgutsky vs  Alexey Pripeten 


BET ON Pripeten to win set 1, odds 2.50 with bet365, estimation 46%, 




Pripeten to win the match 2.625 with -> Lsbet.com ( a tasty 120 euros welcome bonus), 2.62 with bet365, estimation 44%


Zhevnyak vs Panasik



BET ON Panasik to win set 1, odds 5.00 with bet365, estimation 28%

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April 29 Russia Liga Pr0 Aleksandr Krivalcevich - Vladimir Chebotarev


BET on to win FIRST SET odds 2.88 with Sbobet, a bookie mainly known for great soccer odds. Estimation is 46%.


Krivalcevich to win the match at 2.75 also with Sbobet is also value good value, estimation is 44%

-> www.Lsbet.com offers 2.63 and  a tasty 120 welcome bonus with good terms!


Most bookies offer 2.30-2.50, not really worth a bet at less then 2.55.

April 29 Russia Liga Pro Georgij Hval vs Vsevolod Tarabrin

Bet on Hval to win, estimation (chance of winning) is 52%, odds 2.25 with www.lsbet.com (click here for 120 euros welcome bonus with good bonus terms), 2.25 also available with bet365. Not available with Pinnacle - check your local bookie for even better odds!

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April 29 Russia Liga Pro Eduard Tretyak vs  Dmitry Ermalinsky

BET ON Ermalinsky to win, estimation 47%


Best odds with a reliable bookie at the moment are with Spinsports, the bet limit should be over 300e for most customers! www.spinsports.com ( click here to get tasty 200 euros FREE welcome bet, no need to rollover the WINNINGS) offer 2.60, expect odds to drop soon though as this pick was sent to premium service subscribers and and our tennis picks are closely  followed by thousands of website visitors.

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April 28 Russia Liga Pro Pyotr Petrovskij - Aleksandr Belov

BET ON Belov to win odds 2.50 with bet365 and 2.45 with KTO ( a new bookie), estimation is 47%

Update at 12:05 pm GMT : odds were cut very fast - we are probably not the only pro tipster service with this pick. Big overlays are cut even faster than normally in this Corona World with very little sports to bet on.



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WTA Lyon Garcia - Van Uytvanck


Value on Caroline Garcia today who will meet a third Belgian player this week as she booked her first quarterfinal appearance in nearly nine months! She beat world no. 102 Greet Minnen in a third-set tiebreak in the last round. Not the best performance but she can, and we believe will, improve a lot!

So let's take a look at more reasons why our money with Garcia today then.. Indeed, we do realize she hadn't won two matches in a row in nine months until this week! Her level of play is fluctuating, going up and down, as you can't work miracles in a week of course but Caroline is very motivated these days and has a fierce fighting attitude. The home crowd does boost her a lot too. All these things combined allowed Garcia to go through a really shaky first round, but things went much smoother the next round as she safely beat a capable player in Bonaventure. Van Uytvanck is often good indoors, but seems to be far from her best just now and Garcia’s raw class and is higher for sure. Lyon conditions are fast but not super -fast, not like in Budapest or Luxembourg – where Van Uytvanck would definitely be more dangerous. We think bookies don't fully realise how important a fast court would be for Van U. In our tennis team’s opinion Garcia is a lot stronger mentally and deserves an at least 56%-57% chance of winning, probably more. A hard match to give a razor-sharp probability estimation though.

BET ON Garcia to win, odds 2.10 with Nightrush/Bethard or 2.09 with -> Pinnacle, a bookie that won't limit even the biggest winning pro bettors

Australian Open Jan 23 Jabeur vs Garcia

I, with the help from our team of tennis analysts, crushed bookies with 4 free Twitter https://twitter.com/Valuebetting_02 picks on Tuesday. A bit more quiet on on Wednesdey and with some picks the value is gone now when posting this free preview and to serve our followers. Why is the value on Jabeur here, even now when the odds have come down a bit.In Auckland Garcia defeated Townsend (5-7, 6-3, 7-5), and here she grabbed a win versus Madison Brengle (6-7, 6-2, 6-2). She has lost to Bouchard (4-6, 4-6) and Cabrera (6-4, 4-6, 2-6) this season so far. Last year Garcia reached the third round here in Melbourne eventually losing to Danielle Rose Collins.

My pick Jabeur quite easily advanced on Tuesday beating Comte. It was for sure easier a win then I would have expected! It took her only little over an hour to finish Comte so she should feel pumped and fresh here. The talented lady from Tunisia completely outplayed her opponent from the back of the court in particular. Bookies don't seem to value this performance enough here! Earlier this season in Hobart Jabeur beat Ninomiya, Brengle, and Blinkova. Good performances. In head to head results Jabeur holds a 1-0 lead and last year in the US Open Jabeur sent Garcia packing in two sets.

Jabeur did indeed beat Comte very easily. If she continues to play like that  she has a great chance of beating Garcia! The former world no. 4  Garcia is clearly over-rated  (old merits ?) by the market and the opposition in the first round was just too easy. And yes, I know she didn't face a break point in the final two sets! Well, that don't impress me much as Shania Twain would put it.

Jabeur's only previous victory against a top20 player at a major came almost three years ago at Roland Garros ( French Open), in a tournament she had in fact won a junior player. She is a true talent, raising her level fast and the bookies don't see this, yet. As mentioned above, Garcia lost to Jabeur in the first round of last year's US Open in their first ever meeting and some people say she wasted two set points in the first set etc.. "explanations", which is true but Jabeur had the mental capacity to deal with the break points and has only become better since then!

BET ON Jabeur to win odds 1.68 with Cashpoint, 1.67 William Hill, 1.66 bet365 estimation is 67%

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Australian Open: Jan-Lennard Struff - Novak Djokovic




Finally the tennis season really starts in Melbourne. Tennis has been a solid sport to profit on for me for over 10 years. Betting-wish tennis is a bit different from the most popular sport soccer. In general betting on favorites is more profitable than betting on the underdog ( well, if you don't have the skills actually you lose less with favorites ) as the bookie has that 3-8% margin on it's side. For many years already the favorites have been particularly strong in Grand Slams. However this doesn't of course mean that there would never be value on the underdog, especially with big ( over 7.5 games) handicaps! Today we place a moderate wager on Struff. He was a promising player for years but it wasn't really until 2019 when he made a breakthrough and is currently close to top30 in the rankings. His main weapon is the big serve. He has no clear weaknesses and almost always fights hard till the end - even when the situation looks pretty hopeless.


The fighting spirit and fitness of the underdog are important factors when putting or money on a handicap bet. And no, I really don't think Struff has genuine chance of winning this match unless Djokovic gets injured. He has looked fine recently and there is no reason to believe he would not be fit. The same goes with Struff. He did lose to Bolt in Adealaide though as a 1.30 odds favorite. Probably this has increased his odds on this match too much.. We have profited betting on Struff numerous times in the past 3 or 4 years and I'm not really sure why he is so often under-valued by the bookies! Well let's take advantage of it.


Let's take a quick look at Novak, one of the greatest ever tennis players and the biggest favorite to win the tournament, for the 8th time. Well, he is not as big of a brand or idol or "hero" as Federer but still everybody knows him and too much, especially Asian money is often placed on him in handicap betting in particular. Novak does have a 5-0 record vs Struff so far and the second seed dropped only 2 sets last year here in Melbourne. But we have a great chance of winning this bet even if Nole win it in straight sets. Nole doesn't like huge servers like Struff and rarely really crushes opponents of this caliber. To sum up the main reasons for the bet: Djokovic is chronically over-rated and Struff under-valued in the betting market..Struff's huge serve and his potential to continue climbing up the rankings this years also.



BET ON Struff +9.5 games, estimation for this is 59%, odds of 2.02 with Coolbet and of the bigger bookies ->Pinnacle.com offers 1.925

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15 Jan ATP Tennis Auckland, New Zealand: T. Sandgren vs J. Isner


The opening odds on Sandgren were even better but there is still nice value left. The "Giant" (John Isner) was not impressive in ATP Cup. Some of you perhaps remember our small unsuccessful wager in Isner versus Ruud. In that match John was still pretty decent in the opening set with with his serve but after that Ruud took control the match and was a deserved and slightly surprising winner. The new star in the game D. Medvedev from Russia, who of course is a a lot better player than Isner completely trashed him! John looked helpless in that match and also perhaps not fully fit. Fabio Fognini also beat Isner so his level of plays is a mystery here..

Overall John's career seems to be in  decline and we are likely to see the best performances from him in the US tournaments and very likely on very fast surfaces. We all know he does have a monster serve. Also Isner's results here in Auckland past couple season's don't really look too impressive. We went against Isner last year here with our private premium service pick in the opening round round versus T. Fritz, and Taylor in fact won the clash in 2 sets  (7-6, 7-6).

How about Sandgren then? Well Tennys is defending the title here which should be a great motivation boost! We think bookies don't fully realize this. Tennys is a good, pretty solid hard courter these days without huge weapons but it's worth remembering that he also has no clear weaknesses! He has already played one match match here versus Venus which is of course a plus.

We rate this match as 50/50 or perhaps even 51-49% for Tennys. However if Isner brings his best game he would be a small favorite but that's not very likely. Tennys has some 60% chance of covering the +1.5 games handicap. A tie-break is very possible in every set so the value of a game  in handicap betting is high here.


RECOMMENDED PICK: Sandgren +1.5, probability estimation 60%, odds 1.81 with

-> Pinnacle




October 18 ATP Moscow Adrian Mannarino vs Dusan Lajovic

Why we think this preview really is worth your time and money

10.6 % yield,  401 verified picks, Pinnacle odds on:


Wow, this must be one of the biggest overlays in tennis for several weeks!
Dusan Lajovic. A guy who has improved his game a lot during the past a couple of years. He was clearly the better player against the big serving Lukas Rosol in his previous match despite losing the second set in 6-7. The bookies have set him as a clear underdog against Adrian Mannarino on Wednesday. We not sure if he should be an underdog at all. After a long consideration we estimate he has a some 47-48% chance of winning here.

Mannarino has had a pretty easy draw so far beating Dzumhur and Kukushkin. Neither of these players is in great form and Mannarino has impressive head-to-head statistics against both. Yes, we are aware of the fact that the Serb's record is against big servers is bad, but Lajovic we must remember Lajovic has defeated Mannarino in both of their previous meetings (indoor and outdoor hard). Overall Dusan has done great  against he always tricky left-handers. Let's take a closer look at his stats versus lefties: Lajovic has won 6 of his last 7 main level matches on all hard courts against lefties, like Mannarino. During his career he has grabbed 10 wins and lost 5 times against left-handers.
We really have a hard time trying to understand the odds here. Probably the bookies remember last year (too) well. Mannarino surprised everybody by making the final here in Moscow in Moscow a year ago. Yes, he did play well but that was than and we do not put too much emphasis on that statistic. It was in fact only his fourth semi final appearance in over 40 tournaments! After Moscow last year he has not made even quarter final in 5 indoor hard tournaments in a row. In the big  picture we can also see that Mannarino has not done well on indoor hard over the years and has unimpressive hold/break total.


BET ON LAJOVIC +3.5 games, best odds with a reliable bookie: 1,82 with Pinnacle.com

October 3 Challenger Campinas Bellucci vs Mayer (played on clay)

Normally over is not such a great option on clay. However these two players are the type of players, who are able to keep a high percentage of their serves. Neither is a great returner And yes, of course Bellucci’s career is in pretty deep decline which is a risk for this bet. Bellucci has a great forehand with topspin whereas Mayer has a powerful backhand. Having deep and strong strokes is crucial on clay.


The match is played in Brazil so Bellucci should have some additional boost and motivation! Mayer however can be pretty lazy in smaller tournaments. – he does need the points here though. Bellucci must and we expect he will fight hard here. There should not be too much pressure on him from the crowd as they also know how hard it has been for him the past a couple of years.  


Looking at previous matches  on clay the totals line has been like 22,5 games. of course. as said before, Bellucci also was a different player 3+ years ago. For some unknown reason bet365 usually offers the best (over) lines and odds for Challenger tournaments - especially in the later stages of the season. Well, take advantage of this clearly too low line.



BET ON over 20.5, odds 1.91 with bet365, estimation 59%

Post match comment: Mayer withdrew

September 3 Men's US Open

Expect a pretty fine match here despite the fact that Medvedev must be fatigued. He is no robot after all.. Some analysts say Medvedev is close to physical collapse but the same has been said multiple times and I do not quite buy this.  He is a young top athlete!

 Let's see how has the tournament gone so far.. Well, Daniil has been struggling since the start of the US OPEN 2019 more than perhaps expected and was perhaps a bit lucky to  avoid really good players on his way so far.  Don't get fooled by the fact that Daniil dropped only one set in his last three matches and his opponents were Dellien (Medvedev was cramping in fourth set  in this match but  did manage to grab a win because mostly thanks to the fact that Hugo is very poor on hard. In fact he hardly ever beats even top500 player on this surface! Against Lopez  it was tough match that could have gone to 5th set.. Respected analysts like the Unibet columnist Sean Calvert backed Lopez at below 3.00 odds there - and that was for a reason.




After escaping with a win against Dellien Medvedev faced Koepfer and had to work harder than expected to win. It's also worth noticing that Medvedev also had tapes on his abductor muscles and right shoulder, he was painful after the match against Lopez and had to take heavy painkillers before playing in the fourth round.Yes, he can play for sure but our tennis team also I thinks he has probably has played a bit too much tennis lately. A breakthrough run in Washington, Montreal and Cincinnati has price tag on it. 

Stanislas Wawrinka, often under-rated by the bookies, the (eternal) Swiss nr.2 is a GRAND SLAM WINNER, let's remember this. He is a man who always play on his best level in big matches like at final stages of Slams played best match against Djokovic so far. He was fresh, confident and motivated! Stan's backhand  was not top-level though but he can improve it. Good news for Stan and our bet is that Koepfer was overpowering Medvedev for most of the time and Stan has even more power and experience. Not to mention mental strength.
Not trying to undermine Daniil at all here. He is a clever player and can modify his game plan  like he did versus Koepfer ( he started playing more aggressive and taking  the ball earlier, he will try this vs Stan today too but will it be enough - we have our bets. Wawrinka is 2 classes better than Koepfer in all areas of the game.  We just think Medvedev will have to come up with something "new and wild" to hang on here (but don't know what it could be really. Enough of his body - is he a Grand Slam winner..? Well, we think not for quite some time. The crowd is against him too. Unlike some amateur analysts say, this a NOT a positive "booster" for him in the long-run! For those who don't know Medvedev had a "clash" with the crowd and is now probably still gonna be having fun provoking. What an immature guy!

Stan is the clear fave here, estimation 66%, 1.78 available with Sbobet.com

August 20 ATP Winston-Salem Sandgren vs A. Murray



This pick is mostly against Murray although Sandgren is often under-rated by bookies I did see Andy's match against Gasquet and A. Murray a legend and Olympic gold medal winner from London  is far from his best. He is not healthy and one might wonder why is he still playing tennis and didn't retire to do other things in life. 


There is extensive data a to support my gut feeling that usually it's often a really good going against guy who has been out for 6 months or more. Of course the bookies know as much as our tennis team about Andy's situation. However, there is a lot of recreational money in tennis these days and I believe some bettors don't understand how much Andy's level of play has has come down from his best days.. If we take a look at the stats  from the match against Gasquet we can see Murray was quit good on 1st serve as usual.Perhaps  playing doubles maybe has help him? However, his 2nd serve, and player like Sandgren can take advantage of that for sure. So If Andy wants to upset Sandgren here he will have to serve very well! And yes I do rate Tennys as the fave here, estimation 54%


Unfortunately odds have been dropping for Sandgren -  our team also missed the best early odds due to putting most of our efforts on  making soccer analyses, something the is even more important for our business (and for our customers than tennis) Our team thinks Sandgren's  style pf play is pretty well-suited to match Andy's He is verysolid from the baseline. A counter puncher like he  likes to call himself. He can hit lot of balls back and test Andy's fitness. Andyto retire here would not be a big surprise, so better to bet on Sandgren to win, no handicaps.


Tennys has often done well in these "warm up tournaments" before Slams. Compare his recors to say Paire's, who is a better player by raw class.. Tennys has nothing really to defend next week in US Open so he will give 100% here!

BET ON: Sandgren to win, odds 2.20 with William Hill,


or 2.18 with Pinnacle if you too are limited with William Hill, the estimation is 54%.

March 11 ATP Simon - Thiem

We don't think Thiem deserves to be this short here. He started poorly this season and seems to lack confidence. Dominic has just 4/4 win-loss record so far, he also suffered some physical problems in Melbourne and in Rio de Janeiro. Thiem beat Thompson 6-4 7-5 in his first match here. His performance was nothing special as Jordan isn't exactly that kind of player who could challenge Thiem. But still it was a pretty even match and the Austrian needed to save several break points to win in straight sets. 

Simon definitely is a threat to Thiem, much more than Thompson was.  Thiem does lead 8-2 in h2h, but these matches were almost always pretty tight one and now Dominic isn't in strong form at all. Simon had to play a marathon to beat Jaziri in the second round, it was a quite a tiring match, but luckily Simon has had a day off here. In normal conditions we can expect a lot of rallies from the baseline between these two guys. Thiem is prone to make some mistakes too much when doesn't have big confidence in his game and Simon, being a wall,  a great returner is great to force his opponents to hit  some extra balls. We think this match is about most 62% - 38% for Thiem. We go for the safer option here with handicap but you can bet on Simon at the odds of some 3.15 that are widely available.

Bet on Simon +3.5 games 1.96 with -> Pinnacle.com, estimation 55%

March 12

Djokovic vs Kohlschreiber

Bet on Kohlschreiber +5.5 games 1.775 with  ->Pinnacle.com, estimation 62%

March 9

Carballes-Baena +4.5 games 1.826 with ->Pinnacle.com, estimation 60%, free pick stake $100.


Harrison has done nothing to justify being a big fave.. Might be a tight one.

On this bet Pinnacle have clearly the best odds, way better than any other well-known bookie. They won't restrict your account even if you win big! -

March 6-7 

3 more value picks found, this time on ATP tennis



Fratangelo +3.5 games 1.99 with Pinnacle, estimation 55%  $110 WON

Gerasimov 2.14 with Pinnacle, estimation 51% $90 LOST


Gojowczyk +3.5 games 1.98 with Pinnacle, estimation 54% $100 WON


March 2 Bambridge /O'Mara  $120 2.06 with Pinnacle   WON

Australian open final 2019 Djokovic vs Nadal

Clash of the titans. An epic battle. War.


But is there a favorite or value available in this match? Let's start by taking a look at some statistics first. So it's clash number 53 of this career series, in which Djokovic holds a slight lead 27-25 and 14-5 on outdoor hard. For our team and most likely for many tennis fans this one is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated for some time. It’s their first meeting at a hard court major since the 2013 US Open final (won by Nadal) and based on the level each man showed in their respective semi finals it’s one not to be missed.

Nadal seems to have found something extra during the off season. He has built  a much more aggressive mindset on serve and going for much more on his ground strokes earlier in rallies than we’re used to seeing from him. The challenge for Rafa here is that Novak the best returer in the world. Nadal destroyed the Greek youngster Stefanos Tsitsipas aside with ease in their semi final. Novak Djokovic was even more dismissive of a poor Lucas Pouille in the second of the men’s semis. That was true butchering! Pouille was not as his best but he is good player and there was just nothing he could do as Novak was so dominant.

Both of the tennis titans good match-ups but it’s the way that Nadal has gone about his business this week, taking the attack full on to the opposition. Somehow look similar to Rafa's great run at the 2013 US Open. Novak had a bad year in 2018 and even rught before this tournament he struggled with Basilashvili (dropped a set) and lost to Bautista-Agut so his great level in Melbourne has been a slight surprise indeed.

Ahead of this match fans, bookies and bettors are thinking why has Rafa started to adopt a style of play that keeps the points shorter, or perhaps it’s a style that he’s taken thinking that it’s the way to beat Djokovic and other future) top players outside clay where Rafa is still the king. Rafa has some 3-4 years  left of his career probably he had to make some changes to remain truly competitive.

Whatever it is it has worked, with Nadal holding serve at stunning 97.5% of the time this week. He has also been great returning and has been breaking 39.2% of the time for a combined hold/break total of 136.7, which is off the charts! A number almost never seen. Even 120 would be an amazing number.

Djokovic, while seemingly bursting into life in that impressive win over Pouille, has also produced some stellar numbers in Melbourne. He has held 90.3% of the time and breaking 44.8% of the time for an equally impressive total of 135.1!

Although those stats are only from six matches they’re still amazing, almost unbelivable, and as if to try and outshine Nadal’s super semi final show there was Djokovic bringing it all to the court against Pouille, I'll say it again, is a very good tennisplayer. Novak dropped only eight(!!!) points on serve all match.

Given the way that this pair have evolved and Nadal in particular changing his style of play this tournament their previous head-to-heads aren’t that relevant. In general head-to- heads are often over-rated in tennis. Our team's main concern with both players on Sunday is  actually fitness. This factor is always  hard to estimate but here it adds a small extra element of uncertainty to the probability estimation.

Nadal hasn’t gone past three sets and two hours and 22 minutes all fortnight. He had no competitive matches under his belt since last September due to injuries. Rafa never gives up but hasn’t been tested physically yet. We will see tomorrow..
It's not 100% with Novak either. He looked to be wilting pretty badly against Medvedev and he said to the press “I didn't feel so great, you know, in the last 20 minutes of the match or so. It was just, you know, a little bit of fatigue, a little bit of back.”
So, question marks over the fitness of both, perhaps, and it will be interesting to see whether against a great returner Nadal can keep up his fine serving.

Another question is whether Nadal will be able to keep the points as short as he has against other opponents this tournament, probably not. He has also been hitting a fair few clean winners on the backhand side and his volleying has been excellent as well, something sometimes overlooked by even the best bookies.


One of our assistants noticed that he favorite has won in 15 of the last 16 matches between this pair but today we can't find a favorite for this clash. We don't normally comment other analysts' picks too much but maybe now it's worth mentioning that  many successful analysts rate this 50-50, some giving a very sight advantage on one player.

If you like and your bookie allows you to place special bets it's worth noticing that Nadal with his new service motion, has hit more aces per game this tournament than Djokovic. Nadal 0.49  and Novak 0.45). There are odds of over of 3.00 on Nadal available. That is maybe small value but we won't include that here in our official picks. 

Bet on Nadal 2.16 with Pinnacle.com, estimation 50%

Australian Open Ladies' Final 2018 Naomi Osaka vs Petra Kvitova

Wow, one of our most profitable players, a "money machine" Naomi Osaka has reached the final again! Is it time for her 2nd Grand Slam title? Lets's take an in-depth look in one of the longest reviews on tennis for a while.
These two players are the most in-form ones on the WTA tour at the moment so we are likely to see a very good match. Naomi Osaka is Japanese (in reality more American) by her own words, ranked 4th in the world, and the holder of the US Open trophy from 2018 last year. She will face an lot more experienced Czech Petra Kvitova, who is ranked 6th. The winner here will take first place in the ranking! That would be the first time for both players so in this adds some extra motivation for sure. Of course the prize money for the winner is a lot as well.

As major sporting events attract a lot of recreational bettors and people who just enjoy watching sports to our website we have produced  a long preview with more facts and statistics than normally. Naomi Osaka is a 21 years old lady from Japan, 1.80 meters tall and plays with the right-handed forehand combined with a double-handed backhand. She is trained by Sascha Bajin, a coach whom most tennis fans are not that familiar with since 2018. They have won two titles together, the Indian Wells Masters and the US Open Slam. A famous and emotional match against the legend of women's tennis, Serena Williams.

Osaka's aggressive and confident play is really fun to watch although in general men's tennis is of better quality. Osaka is indeed a very aggressive baseline player hardly ever playing "safe". She has huge raw power in her shots, even more now than say a year ago. She excels in the forehand and  maybe even service department. Her serves can go over an impressive 195 km/h which is definite top-level on the WTA tour. Her playing style is based on her power, which allows her hit a lot of winners. During the past 2 years she has become more patient on the court and has learned to build up points to the level of hitting a winner. The best improvement, by far, in our opinion, is in her mental strength. This is a often problematic area for young players especially in WTA but also in ATP. Naomi has stated publicly: 'Since I was working with Bajin - and I tend to be a bit negative on myself - I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit more optimistic. I fight myself a lot, so he's  sort of been, like, the peacemaker.'  A world-class coach is indeed crucial to young player's development. We will write an article on this topic in March.

Petra is a very solid Czech tennis player aged 28. She has been playing at the top level of WTA for 10 years now and has won in her two Slam titles in Wimbledon in 2011 and 2014. In addition to the two Slam titles she also has won an amazing 24 other titles. She took her first title  back in 2009 in Hobart, and lasest this year in Sydney. This shows a great consistency and quality for over 10 years! So today it will be raw talent versus experience and top-level mental strength. Petra Kvitova, the slight underdog today in our opinion is even taller than Osaka, 1.82m tall and uses the left-handed forehand combined with the double-handed backhand. She has been coached by a decent former pro player Jiri Vanek since 2016. With Vanek she has won Wuhan and WTA Elite Trophy in 2016, Birmingham in 2017, Birmingham, Madrid, Prague, Doha and St. Petersburg in 2018and Sydney this year. Impressive.

Kvitova’s playing style is in a way similar to Osaka’s as she is using her power to hit thru her opponents. Her biggest weapons are her lefty serve and her huge forehand. The fact that she also hasa very good backhand has made her one of the greatest players of the past 10 years. However, due to her high risk, aggressive style of play she is known to produce quite a high number of unforced errors in matches sometimes costing her matches that she seemed to control. Movement is another, in fact a rather serious, weakness hindering her.  She has has shown significant improvement with her movement during  the last couple of years though but to be honest there still is room for development and we believe Kvitova will as at 28 sheis not too old to do that.

Neither of these two players has excelled so far in the Australian Open tournament so in the sense it is a slight surprise that they made it to the final. Osaka played in Melbourbe only 3 times prior to this final, and she never got past the Round 4. In 2018 she lost to Halep in the round 4 despite playin very well. Petra, on the other hand, has played the Aussie Open since 2008 and her best result was the semifinal lost to the best-earning female tennis player Maria Sharapova in 2012. Since that year she has never got past the 3rd round. She quite surprisigly lost to Robson in 2013, Kumkhum in 2014, Keys in 2015, Gavrilova in 2016, and Petkovic in 2018. She looked extremely disappointed especially in 2016  after the defeat, maybe lacking some confidence to really make it in Melbourbe. At that time it was hard to believe she would ever make the final in the Aussie Open. In 2017 she missed the action in Melbourne because of that well-known injury she had. For those who are not active tennis followers and do not know the story  - she was stabbed by a robber in her hand. She is lucky to still play prossional tennis!

Overall Kvitova has an impressive record in Slam matches with 99 wins and 41 losses. Osaka, on the other hand, has a lot  shorter professional career in tennis and has only 35 wins and 12 losses.  Osaka has won 17 matches in Slams and lost only two during the past year! "Wow" is all we can say about that. She also has won now 13 consecutive Slam matches as she won US Open 2018. What a run!

Osaka had, arguably, the harder draw to in this tournament. She defeated Sevastova, Svitolina, and Pliskova on the way to the final. Kvitova has faced only one top15 player to get to the final, Ashley Barty.
The stats during Australian Open 2019 show that Kvitova has performed on a magnificent level, having a combined hold-break % of 141.18% during her first 6 matches. She also had 3 matches where she didn’t lose her serve at all. This is rather unseen on the WTA tour where breaks are  alot more common than in men's´tennis. Her best performance taking a look at the stats was against Anisimova, where she had an almost 163% combined hold - break %. An amazing number! Amazing is that she also has lost her serve only 4 times in 6 matches.  Kvitova managed to win all her matches in straight sets and has spent 7 hours and 13 minutes on court.

Osaka’s stats aren't quite as great as Kvitova's, but as we just pointed out she has had a lot  tougher opposition and that’s why she couldn't have had such numbers. She has a 122% hold - break total, which is top level, and considering she played against two top10 players, and Sevastova  who is also a very good player her stats are awesome too. Osaka won 3 matches in straight sets and three matches in 3-setters and stayed on the court a total of 9 hours. We don't believe neither player will be fatigued at here despite the heat. We don't take  fatigue/ fitness into consideration when calculating the probabilities for this match which is rare in long tournaments like this.

As we see, both of the players had held serve in amazing numbers, Osaka with 81% and Kvitova with 92%, but also broke serve very often- We can expect them to fight off the baseline, as both of them are aggressive baseliners, and hence see a lot of service holds with both protecting their huge serves with  rather attacking tennis. Winners will likely be on the  double-digits in every set, but we expect them to force the attacks a bit, so there will be a lot of unforced errors. The fact that Osaka possesses an amazing backhand will make her able to resist to the lefty cross forehand, while the backhand-down-the-line of her, will do a lot of damage for we think as we seen in all matches she played so far.

To sum up we do expect a long, tight match. It will very intense, even en emotional one too. I doubt that any of these two can win this in easily or collapse mentally no matter what happens.
Wow, what a long preview. The most important thing: We will have two bets on this match. The expected value here is just medium so be careful with your stake.

Osaka to win 2.13 Sbobet.com, estimation 51%
Over 21.5 Games 1.83 with Pinnacle.com, estimation 59%



June 20 2018


Sugita to beat Thiem 4.2 with Bethard, estimation 30% WON!!!!!!!


King to beat Stakhovsky 3.5 with 5dimes.com, estimation 35%



June 7 2018



Surbiton Challenger


Stakhovsky vs Ramanathan  Over 22.5 Games

Bet365, 1.9 estimation 58%



ATP Challenger 17January 2018


Balazs to beat Hurcazs 5.00 with 5dimes, estimation 26%



Aussie Open picks for 16 January 2018



1. Verdasco/Dogig 2.05 with Interwetten, estimation 55% 


2. Kokkinakis vs Medvedev Tie break in the match YES with 1.6 Bwin,

estimation 67% WON



3. Nicolas Kicker total  Under 14 games vs Jordan Thompson with 1.88 Pinnacle , estimation 58% 


4.Jeremy Chardy vs Tennys Sandgren Over 36.5 games 1.90 with  Pinnacle , estimation 57% 


5. Feliciano Lopez  vs Sam Querrey Over 40 games 1.89 Pinnacle with Pinnacle, estimation 57% 


6. Sonego to beat Haase 4.6 with 10bet, estimation 29%

WTA Tennis 24 March 2017 Halep vs Osaka

These two have met once before, at Roland Garros last year, it is an often discussed match among serious tennis bettors solely because of the great impression the then 18 years old Naomi Osaka made that day.

Naomi Osaka is a true talent and who knows what she is capable in the next few years. If she is even half the player we think she will really challenge Halep here. We see her as only a small underdog . Osaka made the 3rd round in Australia in her slam main event debut and has already beaten Jelena Ostapenko who is well know to Valuebetting.info customers  and Mijana Lucic-Baroni who was coming from the Strasbourg final last week. For sure Osaka is still work in progress, the bigger the stage the better for her, even at this early stage of her career. Something that is not seen very often.

Osaka's serve is pretty amazing and  often she was has not  even been  making the most of it, barely jumping into it and there is huge improvement and potential to come in an already good looking game. It's hard to believe that sh is she not ranked in the top10 but she only turned 19 five months ago and is still a "baby" in tennis terms. 

Indeed,Osaka clearly loves the big stage, she thrived in Paris, played well in the US Open and made a late season final in Tokyo, where interest in her is through the roof and is no shrinking violet on court, who will go into her shell regardless of the occasion. She is 4-6 versus top 20 ranked players, which given her stage of development is hugely encouraging and three of the last four of those defeats all went the distance, which further emphasizes what a big game player she probably already is. There are a few negatives we could discuss, but they are minor and do not detract from the fact she has the world at her feet and was voted newcomer of last year, but now needs to kick on.

Osaka is very personable off court, but is ultra aggressive and business like on court. Something our team loves in a tennis player. at present, there is many true weaknesses about her game, when she is good, she is close to unstoppable, she does, however,  has to learn to win when facing a little more difficult day.
She gave an interview in Dubai , her last start on tour and spoke about how she is trying to relax and play with the bigger picture in mind and not overly worry about individual matches.

“I feel that I’m working on a few things and I need time to adjust to how that is. I feel I have to mature a little bit more and everything is a little bit of a new experience still. "This is the first time I’ve played this tournament, I’m actually happy I won a round."
“I’m the type of player that has to keep doing certain things no matter if I’m losing or not, just to practice it. I’m supposed to be looking to win the tournament not win the match. So like the bigger picture other than just winning this match, I have to think about how I’m going to play in the future. I want to develop into a player that is like an all-rounder that is very aggressive.”Very much a work in progress, but I expect a big breakthrough this year at some stage. 

Osaka won two matches at Indian Wells, but lost in the round of 32 to Maison Keys, she has already won this week in her home state and adapted to the change in conditions and will be looking to defend her points here from 12 months ago and probably hoping and believing in better.

Simona Halep is a fine tennis player, we must not forget about this. She lost to Shelby Rogers in Round 1 of the Australian Open, then withdrew ahead of her second match in St. Petersbourg and didn't play again until Indian Wells where she beat Donna Vekic, but then lost 3 & 3 to Kristina Mladenovic. Last year she played both Dubai and Dohai in build up to the US swing and she has been dealing with knee issues and that has to come under consideration and are a concern. Also, her grandfather passed away last week, she said that they were close and that causes additional sadness when you are so far from home. She has been struggling with her serve too so for sure not the best situation for her today. Amazing value on the young star Osaka.

Bet on Osaka +3.5 games with Pinnacle.com, estimation 57% 2.05