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The NETWORK of Experts

Most of our analyst team members have been in the business
since 2002 or early 2003.
So, you are being served by extremely experienced pros.
Our super popular website was launched in March 2017. 
We are a network of experienced  sports bettors, sports writers and data analysts covering various sports. Many of us have a background on the securities market which is a huge benefit in making probability estimations (%) as the process of calculating probabilities on sports events is often pretty similar to identifying undervalued securities/ currencies. 
Remaining calm, not letting other people affect too much on you as well as remaining disciplined  and loyal to the staking strategy during winning and losing streaks is crucial.

The head analyst is based in the Caribbean or in Finland. However, many picks are results of a group effort!  We have analysts and assistants all over the World. The head analyst, however, is responsible for running the website and delivering great results and world-class customers service. 

The long-term yield has for our own bets been some 7-18% - depending on the sport and person in question. However, the minimum expected yield for picks posted here is 6%
Like most pro bettors' picks some 75% of our bets will have the odds between 1.75 and 2.4.
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