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More picks posted on Saturday!

26 November Adriatic League 

Buducnost vs Cedevita


Buducnost replaced coach Mijovic with Andrej Zakelj, who was the coach of SC Derby, and he did a great job with that team. I think he is a good solution for Buducnost.

However, he just took over the team and I think it is still early to see some real impact on this team. So far, Buducnost have not looked like a good basketball team. They only won against weaker opponents , and they lost every match against a little bit more serious team. Away, they lost all matches except against weak Mornar.

I watch closely almost all their games and they look pretty avarage all the time, without clear gameplan. This might change under Zakelj, and against Trento they had more energy, but I still think they have a long way to go to become a good team.

The best way to describe Buducnost is: a bunch of average players, without a real leader.


I already said that Cedevita is playing really nice basketball since Prepelic arrived, and I must say I enjoy watching their games. If you ask me, Prepelic and Blazic will be 2 best players on the court.

They have their problems in defense, but against this Buducnost I am sure they have what it takes not to lose this match with more then 7 points. 

I expect a very close game and I don't se either team wining with more then 4-5 points.

BET ON: Cedevita +5.5 points, odds of around 1.90 widely available

Chance of winning: 59%

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